Discuss These Walking-Related Topics When You Hire A Pet Sitter


Hiring an experienced pet sitter will give you a heightened sense of confidence that your dog will be in good hands when you're away from home for a family vacation. You can ask your sitter to perform a wide range of services in your absence, including feeding your dog, letting it out into your yard to do its business, and even playing with it in the house. Another task that you'll likely want to request is for the sitter to walk the dog.

23 December 2020

Busy Upcoming Schedule? 3 Reasons To Rely On Pickup Services For Doggy Daycare


When you have a pet dog and a busy schedule with work, you may be feeling overwhelmed and want to make sure that your dog is going to be in good hands while you're at work. If you keep your dog at a doggy daycare to ensure that they're being supervised and that your dog is getting stimulation while you're gone, you may be spending a bit more time than you would like driving them to the daycare every morning.

19 November 2019

3 Benefits Of Using A Mobile Pet Grooming Service


While some dogs can easily be bathed and groomed at home, there are many breeds of dogs that require professional grooming services for both aesthetic and health reasons. Some breeds of dogs that have longer coats may need to be groomed several times a year. If you own a dog or puppy that needs grooming on a very regular basis, you will need to find a reputable and skilled dog groomer.

9 January 2019

Why Not Grooming Your Cat Is So Dangerous


Cats do an excellent job of keeping themselves clean — so much so that most pet owners don't need to worry about bathing their cats. However, if you think that means you're off the hook for grooming them, you should think again. Not grooming your cat could lead to some nasty health problems down the line, including the potential threat of losing them. Here's why all cats need to be groomed, regardless of their personal hygiene and fur length.

29 May 2018

Boarding Your Pet? 4 Things You Must Bring


Whether you are traveling for a long vacation or you are heading out for a quick getaway, you must ensure your dog is well cared for. Boarding them in a safe, professional facility does not have to be a stressful experience for you or your dog. With proper planning and understanding, your dog will be able to stay in a boarding kennel in a safe and relaxing manner. Here are a few things you must bring when your dog is staying in a kennel.

18 January 2018

The Benefits of Bringing Your Cat to the Groomer


While cats naturally give themselves a bath, there are still a number of reasons to bring your cat to a pet groomer. If your cat has especially long hair, if they suffer from chronic hairballs, or they continually have tangled fur, a trip to the groomer can solve these problems. When you have an indoor cat, regular grooming can keep shedding to a minimum and allow your cat to have nails that are well trimmed.

15 February 2017

When Leaving Home For The Holidays, Pack Your Pet A Suitcase, Too!


Don't get caught without your pet's essentials when traveling away for the holidays. Go ahead and pack your pet's suitcase to ensure you have everything that you will need to make your pet comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Some items to pack in your pet's suitcase or overnight-bag include: Your documentation. If your pet is a therapy animal, make sure to bring your documentation, doctor's note, and the pet's vest or harness to show that they are, indeed, a service or emotional support pet.

7 December 2016