Leaving Your Chihuahua At A Boarding Facility


Chihuahuas can be really fun, adorable dogs, but you have to admit that they're pretty unique! As a chihuahua owner, you are probably used to caring for your tiny canine pet, but some dog boarding facilities are not quite as set up and prepared for these little dogs. Boarders can do a great job of caring for your chihuahua, but there are a few steps you may want to take, as an owner, to ensure things go smoothly for your tiny pup and the staff who care for them while you're away.

Look for a boarding facility with separate spaces for small dogs

Most so-called "small dogs," like miniature poodles, can at least function in a space set up for average-size dogs. But chihuahuas are so small that they may really struggle in areas intended to accommodate dogs of all styles. They may hurt themselves trying to jump up on a too-tall platform or climb big steps. So, if you can find a dog boarding facility with a separate area for small dogs, your chihuahua will be better off. They'll be on the small end of the small dog spectrum, but should be able to use most of the equipment and furniture in these spaces.

Bring your dog's bowl, bed, and other basics

Some dog boarding facilities keep tiny bowls, beds, and toys on hand for tiny dogs like chihuahuas, but unless you know for a fact that a facility has these, it is best to bring your own. This way, your pup won't end up sitting in their bowl while they're eating or struggling to get comfortable on a bed that's too large. Label your dog's items with their name, using a permanent marker, to ensure they get sent back home with you. You may want to send an extra collar along, too, in case your first one breaks. Many boarding facilities keep extras on hand, but they may not have one small enough for you.

Arrange for private playtime

Even if your chihuahua typically plays well with larger dogs, not all larger dogs are tolerant of chihuahuas. So, it's a good idea to sign your little pup up for private playtime at the dog boarding facility. If there happen to be other tiny dogs staying there, you can tell the staff to let your chihuahua interact with them. But you probably don't want to risk an injury by pairing your dog with much larger playmates.

When boarding a chihuahua, it is always a good idea to talk to the pet boarding staff ahead of time and make sure they are prepared to care for such tiny dogs. Most facilities are happy to make the accommodations necessary for your dog to have a safe stay.


25 May 2021

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