2 Tips For Visiting A Facility Before Boarding Your Dog While You Are Away


If you are planning to go away for a few days for work or vacation, you may have discovered that you may have to leave your dog at home. Because of this, you may be looking around for a facility in which to board your canine friend.

However, since you want to ensure that your dog is well taken care of, you may have decided to visit the facility before the day you need to leave them. During this visit, use the following tips to help you determine whether or not the boarding facility is a good match for you and your dog.

1.  Watch How the Staff Interacts with the Dogs Who Are Already There

While you are visiting each potential boarding site for your dog, one thing that you can do to help decide on which to use is to observe the staff's interactions with the dogs already there. While making your observations, see if they are using a friendly tone while speaking to and instructing their charges.

Also, see what types of activities the dogs are involved in. Does the staff play with and cuddle the dogs? Also, do there seem to be quiet areas and times for the dogs to rest? A balance between rest and play with the staff, as well as the other animals, is important to keep your dog stimulated but no overwhelmed.

2.  Sniff the Air While You Walk Around the Facility to Ascertain Its Cleanliness

As soon as you walk into the facility and as you walk around, another thing you can do during the initial visit is to sniff the air. Even if a facility appears clean, you want to use your nose to ensure that it really is.

While you will detect the smells of different dogs, you should not be overwhelmed by them, as this could mean that there is not enough ventilation. Also, any odors attributed to urine or feces should not be too strong or stale, which could indicate that accidents are not cleaned up in a timely manner. The facility should have an overall airy, fresh scent indicative of good ventilation and general cleanliness.

When you have to go away for a few days without your dog, you want to make sure that you choose a facility in which to place them that will have friendly, attentive staff and a clean, healthy environment. Once you find a pet boarding facility in your area, you can then gather more information from them about the process of checking your dog in as well as find out any special requirements, such as vaccinations and items to bring from home.


30 August 2021

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