Boarding Your Pet? 4 Things You Must Bring


Whether you are traveling for a long vacation or you are heading out for a quick getaway, you must ensure your dog is well cared for. Boarding them in a safe, professional facility does not have to be a stressful experience for you or your dog. With proper planning and understanding, your dog will be able to stay in a boarding kennel in a safe and relaxing manner. Here are a few things you must bring when your dog is staying in a kennel.


There are facilities that provide animals with food during their stay. Unfortunately, your dog will most likely not be accustomed to eating this specific brand or food type. This can cause your dog to experience nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea in some cases. Therefore, make sure to bring your dog's food when they enter the boarding facility.

If your dog has a food allergy, bringing their special food to the kennel is even more important. Allowing them to continue eating their own food will reduce their stress while protecting them from skin and coat irritations and digestive problems.


Before you agree to use a specific kennel, ask the professionals if they have experience administering medications/supplements. Your dog will need to continue taking their medications while you are on vacation to keep them safe and healthy.

Make sure there are medications and dosage times and amounts of marked on the medication container. The kennel professionals will need to know why your dog is currently taking this medication, as well, which brings us to the next item you will need to bring.

Medical Records

The kennel facility will also need a copy of your dog's medical records. Proof of the proper vaccinations, which include rabies and Bordetella, will be essential since your dog will be staying in close spaces with other dogs.

In most states, a rabies vaccination is required by law. While not required by law, the Bordetella vaccine is required by most boarding facilities to reduce the risk of kennel cough.

The boarding facility will also need to know about any medical conditions or past surgeries and procedures, which will all be noted in their medical records. Of course, the records will also display contact information in case your dog requires veterinary care during their stay at the kennel.

Relaxing Items

Separation anxiety is a real disorder that affects many dogs when their owner is away. To reduce your dog's risk of anxiety while they are in the kennel away from you, consider bringing a few relaxation items that will offer some comfort.

Ask the kennel professionals if your dog can use their own bed or a favorite blanket while they are boarding. Be sure to wash and dry the bedding before and after your dog's stay. You can also bring your dog's favorite toy or treat to the kennel to keep them comfortable and relaxed.

Your dog may experience some stress when you are away, but the right kennel and the right planning will keep them relaxed, comfortable, and safe. For more information, talk to companies like Countryside Animal Hospital.


18 January 2018

dealing with a dog's separation anxiety

I have opened my home to foster dogs for the past eight years. Many of the dogs that come into my home are well-behaved companions that just need to find a permanent home. Other dogs, well, let's just say that they are not meant to be left alone anywhere in the house. These dogs suffer from separation anxiety and begin acting out the minute that I leave their sight. These are the dogs that I take to a day care center anytime I have to leave my house. If you have a dog that doesn't do well on his own, this blog will give you several tips for making him more comfortable and eventually put a stop to the behavior.