The Benefits of Pet Boarding Services Over in Home Care


You might be tempted to have a pet sitter come and walk your dog, or visit and feed your cat while you are away. While this can work if you are only going to be gone for a day or two, pet boarding services are usually a better option for your pet. If your dog or cat is used to being around other people, leaving your dog or cat alone overnight is often a stressful experience. Your pet doesn't understand that you are going to be back, and they may get into something that causes an injury. Pet boarding gives you the convenience you need to be away from home while knowing that your pet is going to be watched carefully.

Your Pet Gets Excellent Care

When you take your pet for pet boarding services, your pet is going to get the care it deserves. You will know that your pet is going to be fed on time, and walked as needed. It is likely that the pet boarding services will update you during the day to let you know how your pet is doing.

Your Pet Isn't Alone

Pets get lonely. When you leave your pet overnight, they are going to feel stressed. Pet boarding services will ensure that your pet is around other people. If you are out of town frequently, you can bring your pet to boarding services so that they can get used to the facility. Once a pet boarding place becomes familiar to your pet, they won't be stressed out when you have to leave for a night or two.

Emergencies are Handled Immediately

If your pet gets injured in any way, you will know that they will get immediate medical attention as needed. When you leave your pet home alone, you can end up coming home to a disaster. Pets can get into everything, especially when they have no supervision. Keep your pet safe by investing in pet boarding services instead of in-home pet care.

Your Pet May Enjoy Interacting With Other Pets

Socialization is important to many dogs and cats. You may discover that your pet loves to play with other animals while at a pet boarding center. 

Pet boarding facilities offer you the convenience of being able to leave town, without having to worry about strangers being in your home. When you don't want to rely on in-home care, pet boarding services are a great solution.


2 September 2022

dealing with a dog's separation anxiety

I have opened my home to foster dogs for the past eight years. Many of the dogs that come into my home are well-behaved companions that just need to find a permanent home. Other dogs, well, let's just say that they are not meant to be left alone anywhere in the house. These dogs suffer from separation anxiety and begin acting out the minute that I leave their sight. These are the dogs that I take to a day care center anytime I have to leave my house. If you have a dog that doesn't do well on his own, this blog will give you several tips for making him more comfortable and eventually put a stop to the behavior.