Preparing Your Dog For Its First Boarding Stay


If you recently took on a new job and you previously spent your time at home with a dog that needs your attention constantly, you are likely worried about what your pet will do while you are not there to monitor its activities. Bringing your pet to a dog boarding facility is an option to consider. Many boarding facilities offer both short- and long-term stays. Here are some steps you can take to prepare your dog in advance for a session at a boarding business.

Visit Boarding Facilities With Your Dog

If possible, take a trip to several pet boarding facilities in your area so you have the opportunity to observe the procedures used at each one. Make sure you can bring your dog with you during these evaluation sessions. This way, your dog will become familiarized with the activity usually present within boarding facilities, as well as the surroundings of each prospective business you may use. You will also have the opportunity to speak with staff members during this time. Your dog will become familiar with the people that care for dogs at the facilities, making it easier for your own dog to become used to voices and sights at each one.

Give Your Dog A Bit Of Time With Others

If your dog is used to always having someone around, it needs to become accustomed to having stints of time without your presence. Ask a friend to come to your home to spend time with your dog while you tend to errands. Instead of using someone your dog sees regularly, bring in someone your dog has only had contact with a few times. If your dog struggles with this action, observe their behavior at home, out of your dog's view. You will then know what to expect when your dog is cared for by someone they do not regularly see. You can then make adjustments to the time the person cares for your dog, increasing the number of hours bit by bit until your dog is at ease with their companionship.

Allow Your Dog To Play With Others

Your dog will likely spend time with other dogs when it stays at a boarding facility. If your dog shies away from other pets, you need to inform the facility you decide to use so staff can keep your dog with pets of a similar size and demeanor. Your dog will adjust to having other dogs around if you start the process before a boarding stay. Get a bunch of friends or neighbors who have dogs together and plan a dog-walking event or day at a park with other pets. Your dog will become used to having other pets around, making it easier for them to adjust to boarding facility sessions where there are other dogs nearby.


13 January 2022

dealing with a dog's separation anxiety

I have opened my home to foster dogs for the past eight years. Many of the dogs that come into my home are well-behaved companions that just need to find a permanent home. Other dogs, well, let's just say that they are not meant to be left alone anywhere in the house. These dogs suffer from separation anxiety and begin acting out the minute that I leave their sight. These are the dogs that I take to a day care center anytime I have to leave my house. If you have a dog that doesn't do well on his own, this blog will give you several tips for making him more comfortable and eventually put a stop to the behavior.