The Benefits of Bringing Your Cat to the Groomer


While cats naturally give themselves a bath, there are still a number of reasons to bring your cat to a pet groomer. If your cat has especially long hair, if they suffer from chronic hairballs, or they continually have tangled fur, a trip to the groomer can solve these problems. When you have an indoor cat, regular grooming can keep shedding to a minimum and allow your cat to have nails that are well trimmed.

If your cat is having trouble staying clean because it's getting older, a groomer will keep your cat healthy and clean. Here are just a few ways they can help.

Reduce Hairballs

Cats bathe themselves by licking their entire body. While this is effective at giving them a bath, this means that your cat with long hair is getting a lot of hair into their system. If you notice that your cat is consistently hacking up hairballs, you can save your cat the trouble with some regular grooming. While you can try hairball remedies to allow your cat to pass the hairballs through their intestinal tract, getting their hair trimmed short will also help remedy the problem.

Reduce Shedding Problems

When your cat spends a majority of their day outside, the hair they shed doesn't end up in your home. If you have an indoor cat, you may find yourself cleaning up cat hair every day. If your cat has long hair and sheds often, it might be necessary to get your cat groomed. If you don't want your cat's hair all over your clothing and furniture, good grooming is important. 

Avoid Trimming Nails Yourself 

Cats naturally scratch many surfaces throughout the home, and this is why some homeowners choose to have the claws of their indoor cat removed. While this is process some people believe is cruel to your cat, getting their nails trimmed regularly isn't. When your cat has well groomed nails, they are less likely to destroy furniture, carpets and anything else they can find with their claws.

Assist Older Felines

Your older cat may lose interest in personal grooming, or simply lack the ability to keep their entire body clean. If you begin to notice tangles in their fur, or that your cat looks disheveled, a good grooming can help your cat look clean once again. 

When you have an indoor cat, regular grooming will keep your cat and your home cleaner. Learn more by contacting pet groomers like Love & Care Pet Salon.


15 February 2017

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