Socialization Through Dog Day Care


Dog day care at a dog boarding school like Daily Wag is a great way to keep your dog safe, but it is also an opportunity to get your dog in an environment for socialization. Whether your dog is a puppy, a rescue dog, or getting up there with age, boarding facilities can offer up positive reinforcement for all dogs. Here are four ways that dog day care can help your dog with various types of social interaction.

1. Learning to Take Commands From Other People

While you might be your dog's favorite human, it doesn't hurt for them to learn how to mind others as well. At dog day care your dog will become more comfortable in the care of other people. This can spill over into grooming and veterinary visits. This is also good if you take your dog on walks and to dog parks where other individuals might interact with your dog.

2. Enjoying Playtime With Other Dogs

Some dogs never have gotten the hang of playing with other dogs. While new dogs should always start with basic training, just learning to be around other dogs will keep your dog interested and give them other activities to enjoy. You'll find that dogs even seek one another out, and your dog might actually make friends at their boarding facility.

3. Keeping Active

If you have a sedentary or older dog, dog day care can be good for both their bodies and spirit. Keeping your dog cooped up can lead to weight gain as well as depression. If you have an older dog, they might revert to bad habits such as aggressive behavior or shyness due to lack of interaction. Keep their pack mentality by bringing your dog to dog day care to get social stimulation throughout the day.

4. Learning About Sharing

These days many people pride themselves in spoiling their dogs, but this can also lead to learning bad habits. If a dog doesn't understand how to share food bowls, toys, or attention from humans, this can lead to aggressive behavior. Getting through this learning curve in dog boarding will help your pet in the future. If you plan on getting a second dog or having a baby, this will get your dog ready to be a team player and learn to be less selfish.

Dogs are social creatures. If you are at work all day or going on a trip, it isn't fair to leave your dog at home by themselves. This can lead to bad behavior that stems from boredom or anxiety. Keep your dog healthy and happy through all stages of their life by bringing them to a boarding facility.


28 August 2015

dealing with a dog's separation anxiety

I have opened my home to foster dogs for the past eight years. Many of the dogs that come into my home are well-behaved companions that just need to find a permanent home. Other dogs, well, let's just say that they are not meant to be left alone anywhere in the house. These dogs suffer from separation anxiety and begin acting out the minute that I leave their sight. These are the dogs that I take to a day care center anytime I have to leave my house. If you have a dog that doesn't do well on his own, this blog will give you several tips for making him more comfortable and eventually put a stop to the behavior.